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Solo Accordion

On another continent in pre-Y2K times, Daniel awoke one morning after a night of intense dreaming. Although he had no prior experience playing an instrument, he dreamt he played a concertina with proficiency. Years later, he excavated a broken accordion from his uncle’s cellar and began his journey with the instrument.

oui d'accord

Daniel Stetich (US) - accordion
Pablo Castagnola (ARG) - guitar
Simon Houghton (UK) - contrabass

oui d‘accord is a Berlin-based acoustic trio consisting of accordion, contrabass and guitar. Each member has a uniquely diverse musical background that contributes their original sound. They have performed at festivals including “Jazz Kulise Leverkusen“ and are currently recording their debut album.

It‘s hard to place their musical style to a single genre as their original compositions blur lines between conventional styles. There are hints of bossa nova, jazz and even minimalism. All of these elements come together to evoke profound, yet somewhat melancholic emotions.

Their arrangements are meticulously crafted to create an equally enjoyable experience for musicians and audience alike. As in a dialogue, the instruments constantly change roles between actively speaking and listening. Within the performance of one song, an instrument fulfilling a melodic role will evolve into a supportive harmonic role. This dance between instruments engages audiences and invites them to be a part of oui d‘accord‘s musical journey.